Content Marketing

As the content strategist at Estately I've created our content marketing plan, written hundreds of articles for the Estately Blog, and successfully pitched our work to hundreds of news outlets. I've written serious articles about home buying, data-heavy posts about the real estate market, and viral posts mapping odd Google searches and zombie apocalypse survivability odds. 


U.S. States Most And Least Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

I wrote this Estately article comparing each U.S. state using 11 separate metrics to measure readiness for a zombie apocalypse. The post had over 200,000 Facebook likes, was written about on hundreds of sites, and was featured on dozens of evening news broadcasts. 


You Won’t Believe The Questions Each State Googles More Than Any Other State

Before everyone under the sun copied this style of article, I first created a variety of these maps for Estately using data from Google Trends. They were incredibly popular, shared widely on social channels, and I still get emails from reporters asking if I'm coming out with more. 


Seattle-Area Real Estate Prices by Link Light Rail Stop

I created the concept, compiled the data, wrote the article, and collaborated with a designer to create this study/map of Seattle home prices near Link light rail stops. It was covered buy a variety of news outlets and was written up on the front page of The Seattle Times.

Link to Seattle Times article  /  Link to Estately article

Web Copy / Email Marketing

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Blue Nile Website redesign

As a copywriter at Blue Nile I assisted with a complete rebranding and wrote a wide variety of web copy for site placements, instructions for mobile widgets, product descriptions, and helped develop names for branded products. Throughout it I worked in close partnership with UX team, editors, art directors, email marketing team, project managers, merchandise team, designers and other copywriters.

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Created copy for a variety of email campaigns, including this one to promote sapphire engagement rings.

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Created slogans and all copy for a variety of paid social and display ads, as well as signage for store windows.



I've done a variety of freelance copywriting for Seattle agencies like Rupert, Crown Social, and Hey. I also wrote ad and web copy for 30+ daily deal sites, as well as companies like Blue Nile. Tanga, BrandLava, 6-4-3 Charts, KnucklePlex, Custom Nickname, Finn & Maddy, TIPPR, and more. 


Seattle's Best copy Promotion

I created this slogan and others for Seattle's Best Coffee's promotions while freelancing for Rupert.


Daily Deal for Babeland

I wrote all copy for this daily deal for Babeland, a feminist-run adult shop. I also wrote 4,000 other daily deal promotions for hundreds of other businesses on 30+ daily deal sites.


Brand Lava Landing Page

Wrote all copy for the landing page and product descriptions for BrandLava, a consulting service for the daily deal industry.


Social Media

At Estately, I managed the company's social media accounts and produced daily posts that promoted our business and built relationships with real estate reporters and influencers. I also created and managed much of Estately's social media ad campaigns to promote our products, articles, and the Estately App. 

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SmartVacay Facebook Ad

I wrote the copy, designed the ad, and tracked conversions for this Facebook ad for a new vacation home product for Estately.

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Estately Twitter Posts

I, along with the very talented and witty Candace Ramirez, do all the Facebook and Twitter posts for Estately. I wrote this one. 

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Estately Facebook Posts

And I wrote this Facebook one for an article I wrote, too.



These days, everyone either has a podcast or appears on one, and I'm no different.



Bedtime Stories for Wanderers

I wrote this episode of The Dirtbag Diaries for Patagonia about my father's bedtime stories about hitchhiking across Afghanistan and how they inspired my own wanderlust.



The Adventures of Beansprout

Click the link and you can hear tale of my failed attempt to become a radical tree hugger.



Dirtbag resume

When you've already discarded your dignity trying to find a job, what do you have to lose?