The Official Ryan Nickum Store

Do any of these dreadful products spark desire deep within you? That's weird, but I don't judge. If you truly want to buy something from here email me at and we can make it happen.


Absolute worst present for dad - $69.00

No doubt, you've unintentionally disappointed your dad in countless ways over the years. This time, why not disappoint him intentionally with the worst gift for a dad currently on the market? This gift basket chock-full of disappointment makes the perfect gift for Father's Day, birthdays, or any holiday requiring a gift. Does it come with an ugly tie he'll hide in the glove box whenever he leaves home? Check. Oversized white cotton briefs to wander the house in? Yep. A stupid mug he'll be embarrassed to use at work? Got it. A single-blade razor that will triple his shave time? It's in there. Broken golf tees and scuzzy old golf balls? Those thoughtless additions are included as well.


Custom nickname - $99.00

Do you have a nickname you hate, or worse yet, no nickname at all? Do you long for the validation that a nickname brings? I am here for you. I create perfect nicknames for any individual for $99. And if you're feeling solid about your nickname, I'd be happy to provide a nickname for your friend, your mom, or each and every member of that uncoordinated mess you call a softball team. This is simple. You give me cash and I give an unexpected and life-affirming nickname that will be loved.