Visiting the Berry Farm of My Ancestors


I live on Bainbridge Island, which was once home to a large number of strawberry farms, so many in fact that when I played PeeWee Football the neighboring team would taunt us for being "no-good berry pickers." While my family members were never professional berry pickers on Bainbridge Island my mom did build a berry-picking rep while spending summers picking berries on her grandparents' farm in Lynden, Washington.  

All my life I've heard her stories about her summers on that farm so when I found myself in Bellingham recently I decided to buzz up to Lynden and see the land where they once farmed. With an address on a piece of paper that my mom gave me I set out with my wife and kids to find it. After driving past miles of berry farms, dairies, and housing developments we arrived. 

It was hard to imagine that this 35-acre parcel with scattered homes and an apartment complex was once my great-grandparents farm, but that's because this wasn't their land at all. The address my mom gave me was completely wrong. My great-grandparents' farm is actually 500 yards down the road. I found that out after getting back and showing my mom photos of the land. Someday I'll take a look at it on Google Maps I guess.