Return of the Berry Garden


We were out of the country for 4 months of last year so we weren't really around to plant, weed, and harvest our 800-square-foot garden. What was once raspberries, marionberries, veggies, and grapes quickly turned into a field of 6-foot tall thistles. By Spring we learned many of the berries had died, it was too shaded for grapes to ripen, and it's practically impossible to get rid of morning glory and thistles. The upside is we have bunch of dry grape vines to use as barbecue wood, and most of the blackberry-raspberry blends are drought-tolerant. 

Despite the setback, we enthusiastically rototilled the hell out of the thing. And then we transplanted raspberries, loganberries, marionberries, boysenberries, tayberries, strawberries, golden raspberries, and more. And after that we added a bunch of pumpkins and acorn squash and artichokes and sunflowers, and more. 

And this stuff is hard work so you earn a reward and that prize is a Rainer Beer tallboy.