Announcing my campaign to be the next Czar of Marketing for Rainier Beer


With my first cold, refreshing sip of Rainier Beer I clearly saw my destiny before me like some white can with gold and red lettering shimmering the afternoon sun. Like an aspiring Jedi warrior (except for beer) I dedicated myself to the complete understanding and appreciation of this legendary Pacific Northwest brand.

In the years since that first sip I've studied the ad history of Rainier Beer, strolled through Yakima Valley hop yards, and forded the remote mountain streams where the origins of Rainier Beer first bubble up. I've served frosty pitchers of the stuff to thirsty bar patrons, chilled 12-packs in ice-filled coolers, and sipped tallboys after a day of clamming in the December rain. I've learned the intricacies of its unique flavor, easily identifying it in blind taste tests, and then explaining its superiority like some sort of sudsy sommelier.  During this time I've gained an unparalleled appreciation for this mountain fresh legend, this famed beer that's every bit as iconic as the mountain for which it's named. 

Now that my training is nearly complete the final stage is to get hired by Rainier's Marketing Department, dramatically increase sales, win the favor of some higher ups, and then finally assume my destiny by being named Rainier Beer's Czar of Marketing.

So... if you know anyone in their marketing department please let me know so I can reach out more formally instead of just badgering them on social media.