About Me


I’m an experienced content marketer who specializes in writing unique and humorous copy, finding original ways to make mundane subject matter interesting, and coming up with new approaches to grab the attention of distracted people in a crowded marketplace.

In addition to my marketing experience, I’ve also spent time as a bartender in a haunted hotel, a Peace Corps volunteer in The Republic of Georgia, a journalist in Idaho, an oyster farmer on Hood Canal, a process server and private investigator, and a lobbyist for a forest advocacy group.

I’m a locally-sourced Northwesterner, and if I wasn't I definitely would have moved here from somewhere else. I'm married to a Texan, the father of two daughters, and I'm bound for life to a street dog we picked up on the other side of the planet. My hobbies include traveling, studying Pacific Northwest history, hiking, cycling, humor writing, making hard cider, watching football, and steadily expanding my garden into a miniature farm.